Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Day 2: Durdle Door

Today we went to a place called Durdle Door in Dorset. 

Durdle Door is part of the Jurassic coast and is a one and a half mile work from the village of Lulworth.

At the beginning of the walk there is a hill to hike of, it's not to steep but it's do able. When you get to the bottom of the hill you can see this amazing beach where it looks like its made up of sand, but it is actually made up of rocks/pebbles. you can all so see this arch that has been formed from the waves just washing away at over time and eventually breaking through to the other side causing erosion. Well you see Durdle Door is made up of four different types of rock and limestone is what the arch is made out of. Limestone isn't very dense so it was easier for the waves to scrape away at it.

To get down to the beach you have to walk down some rocks/boulders, it's not very steep and very doable, but can be a bit tricky when you've got two big dogs pulling you down ;). 
The water is great because it's a lovely blue/green colour and is crystal clear. 

Well we stayed on the beach for a bit and then trekked back over the hill and then went to a place called Stair Hole that was about a three minute walk from the car park. 

Stair Hole is, again, made out of limestone so the is a lot of holes the formed the waves the waves washing away at them causing erosion.

Well that was are adventure for today, I wonder what's in store for tomorrow.......    

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