Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day 7: Wistman's Wood/Dartmoor

Today we went to Wistman's Wood/Dartmoor/Devon, to be exact.
We trekked across a path just above a stream, and walked past a farm.
when we finally got to Wistman's Wood we could see that there is no actual path just moss and lichen covered trees and rocks. I think having no path just made it all the better because I've always liked going off the path, and I like climbing over rocks, so it just made it even more fun. And it just added to the spookiness of the forest, because legend has it, that of you stay in the forest after dark the Devils Wist Hounds will come and find you......

Well anyway, on the trees, hanging everywhere, and trust me when I say everywhere, because I mean EVERYWHERE, there are little tiny caterpillars hanging from silk threads.
As we were walking we stopped because we heard a cuckoo, which apparently is a critically   endangered species of bird.

I mean come on, can this place get any cooler, there's no path just rocks you have to climb over, there's a spooky legend behind it, there's little caterpillars that hang from silk threads AND there's a critically endangered species of bird.

When we finally got out of the woodland, we walked up to a Tor called Longaford Tor, and let me tell you, it was absolutely blowing a gale up at the top! We then followed the ridge line back climbing over a few rocks and boulders along the way.
All in all, it was a great day!

Well that was the end of week one, I wonder where the adventure will take us next week......  


  1. If there are no paths, how do you not get lost?

    1. The entire wood is only about 100 metres wide at best, so you can see both sides as you're walking through it.