Thursday, 22 May 2014

Day 4: Ringstead Bay

We went to a place called Ringstead Bay on this slightly cloudy day. It is also part of a private estate and part of the Jurassic coast.
It is said to hold many fossils, so of course we went fossil hunting :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ringstead Bay is made up of sand, pebbles and rocks. To put it bluntly. It's also in the shape of a crescent moon and when the waves crash against the shore and then pull out again you can here the sound of the pebbles falling down after being pushed up by the waves, and I think it is a really cool sound. 

Me and Will found a rock and started chipping away at it, and eventually it fell apart. We are not sure what kind of rock it was but it obviously wasn't very dense and was a softer kind of rock.

Well here we come to the end of our adventure, for today.......

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